Every drop makes an ocean

Every drop makes an ocean

“Boond boond se banta hai sagar” is what we normally say in  Hindi in India

Here is picture from my personal experience  which does convey this message Screenshot_20160506-091324

This is a snapshot of my Runkeeper and I had kind of promised myself that I will share my experience once I had done 1000KM recorded on the app. I have been active on this app for more than one and half years and had tracked around 217 activities of which 70% is walks averaging 3-4 km and rest 30% is cycling trips averaging 7-8 km. I had used Strava for tracking my cycling for some time but the snapshot here doesn’t include that.

While doing all this somewhere on the way I bought a fitness band couldn’t afford Fitbit or any of the smartwatches so bought Goqii for 2000 rupees which came with 3 months coach subscription which was unique feature that provided a human touch. I did not renew the coaching after three months as I did not wanted to be driven too hard anyways.

I guess there are two kinds of people one who likes to see progress captured in numbers and others who really don’t care much about numbers. I believe if one knows the number then one tends  get encouraged to keep up. Even if you don’t feel so just give a shot using any of these free fitness apps and probably it may work for you.

In no way this is over for me, it just the starting and hopefully I keep walking and tracking. In the modern world where being physically active is not a priority and sometimes it does become difficult to maintain but keeping track of the walks or runs or cycling trips will help you hit the road again.

I have averaged 4.6KM per activity and almost took year and a half to do my first 1000K tracked which probably isn’t that great. Hopefully I can better the average as well as lessen the time taken for the next 1000KM.

I just want that I never become too obsessive about these numbers, they just encourage me to keep walking and nothing else.


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