Can we add revenue and improve traffic?

Can we add revenue and improve traffic?

As per website of Bangalore Traffic Police there are around 336 junctions across Bangalore City. I am assuming among these atleast 200 would have signal. Let’s also assume that each of these works only between 9 AM in the morning until 9PM in the night which is 12 hours in a day. Now in order to make calculations easier, the signals are set for 120 seconds and each of these signals are four ways.

On an average during these 120 seconds × 4 atleast 2 cars and 10 bikes violate traffic norms and this continues until 3 months.

Assuming 100 rupees for bikes and 200 rupees for cars/autorickshaws/buses for violating traffic rules. Repeat offences will see doubling of fines for every time (not included in calculations).

Simple maths says every 8 minutes at every signal INR 1200 will be earned. Now in 12 hours this will become INR 1,08,000.  Since people are so used to violating traffic norms I am assuming atleast this revenue would work for 3 months. Hence in 90 days each traffic signal would earn INR 97,20,000

Approximating this to be INR 1 Crore, with 200 traffic signals this number would work out to be INR 200 crores.

Every time I see a person violating a traffic  I see revenue lost. With this revenue better facilities for automatic traffic violation and detection should be implemented.

With so much of time getting wasted in traffic in cities all across India it is very important to ensure that people don’t commit traffic violations and escape. There needs to actual zero tolerance.

I know we need manpower to do this, internships should be given to young graduates in all discipline and no fine should be taken in cash. All transaction should be made digital either by cards, wallets or violation account maintained based on Aadhar numbers that can settled online.

I know this will create a lot of problems all across the city but this is for public good and hopefully brings in change maddening traffic.

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