An Insignificant Man – Ek Chota Aadmi

An Insignificant Man – Ek Chota Aadmi

Arvind Kejriwal said that “Mein ek chota aadmi hoon” when he defeated Sheila Dikshit for the first time. The deed in itself was not small, Sheila Dikshit has been ruling Delhi for three consecutive terms for last 15 years. I have not been close to Delhi but like many others have been following the whole uprising that had broken out with Jan Lokpal Bill, Nirbhaya and culmination of Arvind Kejriwal forming a party called Aam Aadmi Party. It was nothing less the metaphoric “meteoric” rise and first time when AAP formed a government with Congress giving unconditional support.

I was not convinced why AAP did get into this arrangement. Many said why don’t they form government and take responsibility. People started saying that they are running away from responsibility and AAP means anarchy.

Here is a tweet and Facebook during that time and I supported the whole idea. Many friends called me naive and not mature enough.

My Facebook Post when AAP did well first time
My tweet during that time

Arvind Kejriwal’s first time at the office did not last long and quoting that a strong Lokpal Bill was not passed he dissolved the government. There was no government for almost a year in Delhi. Then came another juggernaut and AAP won 67 of the 70 seats in assembly. They did fulfill promise of halving the electricity bill and 700 liters of water free for every house.

And today there is no media cover, no talk about AAP. The revolution that AAP was supposed to bring has fizzled out. Their ambition to go national has not been successful by any standards.

There has been very less media cover on AAP or any of its government initiatives. Why has AAP gone silent. Their has been leaders like Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhusan who are no longer with them. Arvind Kejriwal’s persona has become so much for the party that there was no scope for other big names.

What is happening in Delhi? Is it like the same old BJP/Congress governments? Has the corruption reduced? Are government Babus doing their job without Bribes? Will Delhi at least give some more MP seats to AAP in the 2019 election? There are so many more questions in my mind.Can someone answer? What are their views on the current state of the country?

The common man “AAM AADMI” has been very busy either standing on ATM lines (last year) or linking AADHAR to every other thing that one can imagine (this year). So please don’t bother us 🙂

These thoughts sprung after watching the documentary “An Insignificant Man

Delhi people please add your thoughts on the comments section.

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