Bigbasket – What are you smoking?

Bigbasket – What are you smoking?

I had ordered groceries from Bigbasket sometime last week. The total bill was around 1500 INR. Unfortunately I was away during the scheduled delivery window and was not picking up call of my apartment security thinking a spam call.

Bigbasket calls me in and puts the delivery guy on conference call. I requested him to ask the security person if they can leave stuff with him. The security guy agreed and maybe the delivery guy was not very happy and with all this confusion he left stuff double the quantity that I had ordered. In total stuff worth 450 INR.

Humans given a chance where nobody is looking commit to the desire of making something for free. I try to control that desire and return whenever a vendor gives extra cash or like this time sent a email to Bigbasket stating that they had delivered stuff for which I had not paid.

Pat comes the reply from Bigbasket that a pick up has been scheduled and please handover the material that I had listed in my email back. I was all the while expecting a “thank you” from them as gesture of showing a little honesty but nothing happened like that.

The next day another Bigbasket guy comes and I give the stuff that was extra back to them again without even mentioning a small “thank you” and I was thinking all the while that they will send an appreciation mail at least.

As soon as the pickup is done I get a message that Bigbasket wallet has been refunded with the amount of stuff that was picked.

I was pleasantly surprised by the gesture but that was not I was expecting. A thank you email with probably a little cashback would have done the job for me. But I have money in my wallet which ideally is not mine neither I have earned it.

With so much big data analytics going on and I am sure Bigbasket will have lots of data to screen through and they are either making enough money or hardly bothered about these paltry sums to get their big data guys involved. But how difficult will it for to understand that I am returning stuff that have been delivered more by mistake.

Anyways the world is small and hopefully the old saying of Hatim Tai in Hindi or Urdu “Neki kar aur dariya mein daal” doesn’t hold true. The people who do good see something good in their own life so that feedback loop is completed and the goodness multiplies.

Did any of you guys have a similar experience with Bigbasket or any other online retailers ? If yes Please do comment below.

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  1. I had similar experience with flipcart. Longtime ago I purchased my first smart phone Samsung E5. When I received it, I noticed few scratches on charger, Eventhough it was working fine , I requested for replacement (crazy). I was expected pickup from flip cart….After fewdays I have got call from delivery boy “ sir apko flipcart se delivery hae”…….Surprisingly he has not asked me to return the old charger. He just delivered new one!!!!!!……
    Something similar to this happens with everyone once in a blue moon!!!!!!

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